Rebecca Aghalarpour

Rebecca lives in Southern California with her husband, Mazi, and their two children. She has always enjoyed cooking and creating recipes but she never imagined that she would create recipes for candles! After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Rebecca became aware of the many harmful products in our homes that contain ingredients that are known to cause health problems. This inspired her to research and create all natural candles made entirely from plant based ingredients. Even the candle wick is pure cotton. The wax is a combination of coconut and soy and the scents are derived from pure plant esssential oils. And only whole essential oils are used to assure that the full benefit and richness of the plant is delivered in every scented candle she produces. Rebecca is a survivor and a strong woman who believes in giving back to the world. When a candle sells she sends a 5% donation to Breast Cancer Research. She supports others charitable causes and participates in organizations that are devoted to protecting our environment and generating sustainable solutions. More about Rebecca later. For now, you can enjoy her clean burning, non-GMO, all natural candles at Sanari Candle.

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