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Each month, George reviews literature, film and commentaries about the history and practice of Plumbing in America. Featured this month is The History Channel's Modern Marvels: Plumbing: The arteries of Civilization.
What happens behind the walls of your house when you turn on the shower? How were the ancient Romans able to provide hot and cold running water millennia before the advent of electricity and gas heat? How does water get from reservoirs to people's homes? Behind the seemingly mundane topic of plumbing lies one of the most important stories in the history of civilization. For without water, there cannot be life. MODERN MARVELSTM traces the long and surprising history of plumbing, from the earliest archeological evidence of irrigation systems long before the birth of Christ to the vital networks that keep our cities quenched and clean. Through visits to ancient sites, dynamic animation illustrating how plumbing works and interviews with experts, PLUMBING chronicles an often-overlooked element of life.
Modern Marvels: Plumbing: The Arteries of Civilization (The History Channel)
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