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"...the gift of a lifetime"

     "The gift of a lifetime"

George Schilling


Armed with an old Ford pick-up truck, a solid background in both new construction and repair plumbing, and a dream, George and Vivian Schilling established Schilling Plumbing and Heating in the spring of 1981.  Like most start-ups, business was initially sporadic as the owners wondered if they had made the right decision.  However, with a $10,000 loan made on faith alone from a loving uncle, a strong work ethic, and a desire to make the business succeed, things began to flourish.  

In the fall of 1983, after paying off the loan and now in a solid cash position, a new opportunity was at hand.  As one of the original founders of the Dial ONE Network of Services, the Dial ONE moniker was added and Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing and Heating was born.  Two years later, air conditioning services were added under the watchful eye of Sandy Heaton.    

Beginning to Thrive

While business was beginning to thrive, our first office manager, our mother, Laura Carpenter, was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed in the spring of 1985.  While the loss was huge, it opened the door for Paula Filinuk my sister, to step into the office manager position on a temporary basis.  Temporary apparently became permanent as she can still be seen running the office today.

At its peak, Dial ONE Schilling was a five truck operation, now operating three fully equipped trucks.  We have found that at this size, we are large enough to provide prompt and personalized service to our good friends and customers who have come to rely on us for their home and business maintenance while still keeping an intimate family feel at the office… a welcoming place indeed.   

Dial ONE Schilling has definitely been blessed with wonderful employees through the years.  Some of the more notables include Sandy Heaton, a good friend who established the air conditioning end of Dial ONE Schilling;  Rick Villareal, David Castaneda, Terry Smith,  and Danny Norrbom who have all gone on to establish their own businesses; Scott Hartsfield and Mike Mapes, the future of the company moving forward.  Scott and Mike not only represent two of the finest technicians in the business, they are also two of the finest individuals you’d ever want to meet.  

Moving Forward

Moving forward, we at Dial ONE Schilling will continue to offer the type of service you’d expect from a professional company.  We value and appreciate all of our customers, both past and present, and the relationships and memories we’ve made along the way!

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